The largest Emergency
Response System in the World!
The Malaysian Emergency 999 Response System serves:
27 million people
3 primary call centers
240 secondary dispatching centers

The project

With the help of our partners Fujitsu, Telekom Malaysia, and Mutiara, we set out to implement a solution based on a very simple idea: one country, one number for all police, fire, ambulance, and civil defense services.

Special requirements

Nationwide deployment
Integration of 4 federal agencies
Centralization of call taking and dispatching functions
Training of 400+ employees
14 month schedule for phase 1

And this in spite of limited local expertise, language constraints, the distance from our company headquarters (a 24 hour flight!), and cultural considerations.

In partnership with Fujitsu-a global player responsible for project management-Emergensys supplied software applications and provided training, maintenance, and support.

14 months later, the system was up and running. Seamlessly.