Frequently asked questions

What does Emergensys do?

Emergensys is a company that develops and markets fully integrated public safety dispatch and management software for users throughout North America and around the world.

What can Emergensys do for me?

We offer a full range of tools to combine dispatch and data management for police, fire, and ambulance services into one fully integrated, multi-jurisdiction system with a single point of entry. Emergensys puts you in total control, while guaranteeing 100% data integrity.

Why invest in a public safety solution?

It’s primarily a question of performance. Performance that can be measured. Performance indicators are used to establish average response times, and we continually strive to improve those indicators. The result is more lives saved!

Governments and organizations around the world are rapidly changing to adopt technology that allows public health services to improve their performance. This technology also makes it possible to access information and share it any time and anywhere. Increasingly, emergency response services are called upon to provide effective support to first responders and increase their own efficiency by adopting automated processes and keeping better track of individuals and their data.

Operating in dangerous environments in real time using integrated computer-aided dispatch (CAD) lets you manage system parameters (GTPS) and mapping functions in response to 911 calls and other dispatch requirements. In other words, these systems manage “active intervention” in the emergency management process.

CAD systems are designed to help dispatchers manage emergency situations with efficiency, speed, and accuracy. These systems enhance, assist, and partly control emergency operations using an automated system. The system includes computer-aided dispatch of emergency vehicles and lets you update vehicle status, generate incident reports, and manage data. Automated dispatch quickly and significantly improves call and resource management, improving performance indicators and increasing the number of lives saved.

Why should I choose Emergensys?

At Emergensys, we listen to customers. That’s how we’ve come to develop and constantly improve a feature-rich product that meets your every need—large or small.

Emergensys offers the most feature-rich product available on the market and came tops in a 2009 study of 105 CAD/RMS manufacturers by the government of Brazil.

Does Emergensys have the experience I need?

It’s our experience and know-how that make our products what they are. Our company is based in Quebec City, Canada, and is entirely employee-owned. Since 1994 our highly skilled team has been listening to customers and building on their valuable input to brin

My data is sensitive. Can you help me keep it secure?

Our integrated solutions strike the perfect balance between communication and privacy. You determine who has access to what and which modules can talk to each other. Emergensys lets you work seamlessly between agencies and jurisdictions. Our system takes down the barriers between your data—unless, of course, you need to put them up instead. With Emergensys, it’s in your hands.

Is Emergensys right for me?

Our system lets you move between jurisdictions and agencies at the click of a button. Simply, efficiently, and reliably. Why juggle several programs at once when you can easily adapt Emergensys to meet your exact needs?

I'm worried it's going to be complicated. Is it?

In an emergency, the fastest way to intervene is always the simplest. Simplicity is the key to our system. It is fully configurable to match your requirements, giving you real-time access to the data you need when you want it. Because in our line of business, every second counts.

What about training?

Our system has the shortest learning curve in the business. Learning how to use a system as user friendly as ours is child’s play. You’ll be up and running in a flash, saving time and money in the process. Reap the benefits immediately as you become more efficient, more quickly.