State of Minas Gerais
SIDS (integrated information system of social defense) serves:
20 million residents
853 municipalities covered
50 call takers

The project

The SIDS project consisted of equipping the State of Minas Gerais with an emergency call taking, dispatch, and management IT system for police and fire departments across the state. The project also involved training staff to work with the new system and handle technological maintenance.

This extremely ambitious project allowed us to demonstrate the outstanding scalability of Emergensys systems. The system is still in use today.

In figures

853   municipalities covered
20   million residents
17 500   calls per day
6 400 000   calls a year
50   call takers
14   dispatchers
1   call taking and dispatch center


Technological objectives

Here is an overview of the technological objectives set for Emergensys, in collaboration with our client (FUNDEP and the Minas Gerais police force):

  • Set up a call taking and dispatch system
  • Assess material and software infrastructure requirements for the system
  • Translate all applications into Portuguese
  • Integrate all police, fire department, and ambulance service databases
  • Help develop an integration and configuration plan for all technologies involved
  • Adapt the parameters of our “Telephone Interface” software to the protocol of the existing telephone system (ERICSON) and IT equipment (new and existing Middleware Server and PBX)
  • Configure and adapt the software presentation and display to local realities and client needs
  • Deliver and install our telephone interface, calling card, and mapping application for the project
  • Train staff (system pilot, call takers, dispatchers, and supervisors or call taker and dispatchers)
  • Provide installation support and supervision
  • Train the staff assigned to maintaining the IT system