Why us?

Because every second counts

We know that lives can be at stake in an emergency and that every second counts. So when you have to get there fast, we're right behind you.

We've developed a complete software suite in consultation with public emergency responders to provide the assistance you need so that you're on the scene and on top of the situation right away.


We keep you in command and control

Anything can happen in an emergency, but there’s no room for error. To keep a handle on things, you need as much information as possible—and the right information!

When an emergency occurs, our systems provide all available information on what awaits you at the scene (caller history, type of building, all available pictures, etc.). What’s more, our products are completely integrated and are configurable for optimum data sharing so that you get better quality information and get it faster. In short, we make sure you've got as accurate a picture as possible to base your decisions on. It's our way of helping you manage the emergency.


We cover your back

In an emergency you need to stay focused on the situation at hand. You may also need to answer to your superiors, elected officials, or the general public—which can be as complicated as the emergency response itself! At Emergensys we've got your back. Our software suites provide all the answers to the questions you'll be asked and all the answers that show what a great job you've done.